Light of Hope, BBYCGN

Hope Has A Name – Jehovah

This hope had a name, and its birth name was Love. It was a name of fine elegance that lacquered her world with a glossy, higher-calling, allowing her to endure all suffering and relinquish not the dingy off-white flag of surrender. Despite the bizarre cruelties of the outside world, Love (Jehovah) would not fail her.

Love not only accepted her, as its own, but sounded out its approving delight through stately trumpets, melodious harpsichords, and high tones of the grand piano’s liquid, silvery bells, at the marvel of experiencing its own lush essence upon itself, from her.

Copyright ©BBYCGN – All Rights Reserved

Shelter of Mental Health, Preface Poem

Protective Shield Of Terror, Preface Page 1

Animal-Driven Starvation, Preface, Page 5

Hopeful Anime

Hope Has A Name, Preface Page 6

Outshining The Darkness!



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